Psychometric testing

Our range of psychometric tests evaluate applicants' personality reliably at the recruitment stage and to manage internal mobility...more


People are a company’s most valuable resource, and organizations that make the commitment to hire, engage and develop the best employees, at every level of the company...more

Evaluation interviewing

BIP makes pre-screening candidates easy, no matter where they are, what position it's for, or what type of computer or browser they're on. Using...more

Background checks

We facilitate background checks often for employers on job candidates for employment screening and especially on employees seeking promotions that require high security...more

Career coaching

The purpose of a coach is to inform, guide, advise, and show the best way to achieve performance targets. The coach is the bridge between those who are improving their...more

Talent deployment consulting

Competency-based management supports the integration of human resources planning with business planning by allowing organizations...more

Local–National–International recruiting

Our company has been steadily expanding its reach nationally and worldwide, and much of our growth is coming from...more

Interview preparation

Teaching you how to present yourself to employer, how to sell yourself on the open labor market...more

Multiple pack

BIP multiple pack offers you a chance to get more then one service for less charge...more


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Welcome to Be International People! With BIP the sky is the limit. Our focus is on you to grow as an individual to the level you want to reach.

You have the talent, we will help you create the image you want to present. In BIP we always have a personalized interaction so our phones and emails are always available to you.  Be a BIP person, a person without borders!


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