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Psychometric testing

Assess personality, motivation and skills

Our range of psychometric tests evaluate applicants' personality reliably at the recruitment stage and to manage internal mobility. Such personality tests allow the recognition of innate aptitudes and identify the basis of their skills.

Predict performance
Intellectual acuity, emotional intelligence, social skills and language proficiency are essential for personal development and career success. Our range of psychometric tests allows you to predict how prospective employees will perform in a particular job and enables you to simplify the implementation of recruiting and internal evaluations, and human resource deployment.
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People are company’s most valuable resource and organizations that make the commitment to hire, engage and develop the best employees, at every level of the company, are better positioned to compete in a global economy. Fostering learning that is properly aligned with business objectives allows companies to retain their best talent and achieve the highest levels of organizational performance. BIP is focused on providing learning solutions that support a broad spectrum of business objectives, across all industries, to maximize the investment in human capital.

The BIP learning management system (LMS)
Allows companies to provide valuable learning assets to employees around the globe in several modalities including video, audio and interactive formats, all geared toward supporting learner needs.

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Evaluation interviewing

Our hands-on techniques and interviewing insights are renowned for helping hiring managers and personnel interviewers put applicants at ease and reveal their true character with our evaluation interviewing, we will find only those people who will contribute to your company's growth.

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Background checks

We facilitate background checks often for employers on job candidates for employment screening and especially on employees seeking promotions that require high security or a position of trust. Results of BIP background checks typically include past employment and education verification, credit history and criminal history.

These checks are often used by employers as means of objectively evaluating a job or promotion candidate's qualifications, character, fitness and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.

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Career coaching

The purpose of coach is to inform, guide, advise and show the best way to achieve performance targets. The coach is the bridge between those who are improving their performance and those who seek effective result targets for the company. Coaches provide the “glue” that makes the services stick. With the help from coach a candidate can apply new knowledge to practical application. They can develop their new skills into active skills with the assistance of the job coach.

Quite often good coaching is visible in the person being coached. The person being coached tends to be more positive, shows improvement and learns from their coach. A strong coach is respected and seen as a leader.

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Talent deployment consulting

Competency-based management supports the integration of human resources planning with business planning by allowing organizations to assess the current human resource capacity based on their competencies against the capacity needed to achieve the vision, mission and business goals of the organization.

Targeted human resource strategies, plans and programs to address gaps (e.g. hiring / staffing; learning; career development; succession management; etc.) are then designed, developed and implemented to close the gaps.

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Our company has been steadily expanding its reach nationally, worldwide and much of our growth is coming from underutilized Canadian and international emerging markets. Over one-third of companies have delayed entrance into new markets because of the challenges associated with hiring the right talent nationally or internationally.

However, there are labor shortages everywhere so we have been steadily expanding our reach nationally and worldwide and we have found local experts are the best tool in this fight to improve talent-acquisition strategies. We work with local recruiters to build a media plan that takes advantage of the best local recruiting strategies.

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Interview preparation

Interview- Show us what you have to offer. Present yourself in 20 min face to face. This helps you to get hired faster, to leave a great impression with the employer. Helps employer to remember you easier.

Personal job coaching interview preparation – teaching you how to present yourself to employers, how to sell yourself on the open labor market. Designed for job seekers at all levels and for all jobs in most industries. Basis to help you to develop the skills to communicate effectively and convincingly at your job interview. Personal job coaching identifies your strengths and weaknesses and uses these to formulate your job interview strategy.
Unlimited interview practice - you will know what kind of questions you should expect, so you can prepare yourself. Therefore, during your interview with employer you will be more convincing and you will have more confidence in yourself .

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BIP multiple pack

BIP multiple pack offers you a chance to get more then one service for less charge.

This pack allows you to assess your candidates in 74 psychometrics and deliver top technology training to address all discovered deficiancies.

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